Meet the Artist

Alithia S. Gomez


Art has always been a creative outlet and a passion of mine. Since I can remember, I would spend hours coloring or draw on whatever I could find. Growing up, I would watch Bob Ross every day on PBS and be amazed and wonder how he did that. I would see art and would be mesmerized trying to figure out how they created such beautiful things.

As I could not get any formal training, art classes were so expensive, I would look at things and draw them. I would also love to draw cartoons and my favorite characters. I remember I begged for one of those 98 color Crayola boxes, and when I got it, I spent hours on end drawing and coloring. I must have been nine years old, and all I wanted to do is make art or craft.

I will not get too deep into my life story because the journey has been long getting here today and has taken so much for me to evolve and this year (2020) just sent me off that ledge. Until March of 2020, I spent 14 years in the service industry as a bartender, and since 2016 I have been a part-time artist. Now Due to the pandemic, life has, in essence, given me no other choice but to pursue the life of a FULL-TIME artist. 2020 came in as a blessing and a curse.  I have been able to explore all my creative ideas, from fun figurative works like my usual buddhas and felines and flowers to entirely abstract non-figurative works to 3D textural work with resin. I am just a woman tapping into her internal creative energy and releasing it into the physical world for all to see.